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Prof. Dr. Peter Bühlmann

Personal website
Causal Inference, Computational Statistics, Machine Learning, Graphical Models, High-dimensional Statistics and Sparsity, Applications in biology, chemistry and medicine

Prof. Dr. Sara van de Geer 

Personal website
Empirical Processes, Entropy, High-dimensional Models, L1-regularization, Probability Inequalities, Sparsity, Statistical Learning

Prof. Dr. Marloes Maathuis

Personal website
Causal Inference, Graphical Models, High-dimensional Statistics, Interval-censored Data, Nonstandard Asymptotics, Applications in biology and medicine

Prof. Dr. Nicolai Meinshausen

Personal website
Computational Statistics, Causality, High-dimensional Data, Machine Learning

Prof. Dr. Hans Rudolf Künsch

Personal website
Spatial and Time Series Models, Bayesian Analysis, Monte Carlo Methods, Applications in environmental modeling

Senior Scientists

Dr. Martin Mächler

Personal website
Statistical Computing, R project, Sparse Matrices, Robustness, Clustering, Curve Estimation, Numerical Accuracy

Dr. Markus Kalisch

Personal website
Causal inference, Graphical Models, Applied Statistics

Dr. Lukas Meier

Personal website
High-dimensional Statistics and Sparsity, Applied Statistics

Dr. Fadoua Balabdaoui

Personal website
Empirical Processes, Gaussian Processes, Index Models, Nonparametric Estimation, Shape constrainted Estimation

Prof. Dr. Werner Stahel

Personal website
Robust Statistics, Models for Censored Data, Data Analysis, Strategies and Topics in Regression, R Software for Regression, Chemical Mass Balance and Linear Unmixing, Applications of the lognormal distribution, Applied Statistics

Research reports

Research reports written prior to 2008 are available here.

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